Gaybatumi Relaunch

Gaybatumi Relaunch

In 2010, the LGBTQ+ community in the Republic of Georgia saw a beacon of hope with the launch of GayBatumi, a website/Blog dedicated to combating homophobia and providing essential information to both locals and visiting tourists. GayBatumi was created with a vision: to foster an environment of acceptance and safety for LGBTQ+ individuals in a region where they often faced discrimination and violence. Over the years, the website has grown to become a vital resource, offering information on events, venues, clubs, and safe spaces, all aimed at creating a more inclusive society.

It also served as a mirror to the national gay domain Gay.Ge which was frequently shut down or refused service by the local hosting providers.

A Decade of Resilience

The journey of GayBatumi has been far from easy. From its inception, the organization faced frequent attacks from government entities, highlighting the pervasive resistance to LGBTQ+ rights in Georgia. Threats to our staff became a regular occurrence, yet our commitment to the cause never wavered. We stood resilient, providing a platform for the LGBTQ+ community to find solace, support, and solidarity.

In 2010 we were the first to call alarms on clear and present dangers of electing Russian oligarch Bidzina Ivanishvili and its corrupted pro-Russian party called “Georgian Dream”. We saw it clearly how that would undermine democratic processes in Georgia and its aspirations to ultimately join EU and NATO.

Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

GayBatumi has always prioritized the safety and well-being of the LGBTQ+ community. Our website became a trusted guide for tourists seeking inclusive and welcoming spaces. We provided detailed information about LGBTQ+ friendly events, venues, and clubs, ensuring that visitors could enjoy their time in Georgia without fear of discrimination. Additionally, we highlighted safe places where individuals could seek refuge and support, fostering a network of allies and advocates across the region.

Shifting Focus: A New Chapter for GayBatumi

As the landscape of LGBTQ+ rights continues to evolve, so too must our mission. Recognizing the increasing need for support among LGBTQ+ asylum seekers, GayBatumi is shifting its focus to provide comprehensive assistance to those seeking refuge in the USA. This new chapter in our journey is driven by our commitment to helping individuals find safety and acceptance, no matter where they are.

Providing Essential Information for Asylum Seekers

Our revamped website will now offer vital information on how to seek asylum in the USA, detailing the necessary steps and providing resources to navigate the complex process. We will guide individuals through accessing medical services, understanding their legal rights, and finding supportive communities upon their arrival. Our goal is to empower LGBTQ+ asylum seekers with the knowledge and tools they need to build a new life in a safe and accepting environment.

Supporting Those with HIV and the Need for PrEP

In addition to asylum support, GayBatumi will expand its resources to assist individuals living with HIV and those in need of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). We recognize the unique challenges faced by these individuals and are dedicated to providing accurate information on accessing treatment, understanding their health options, and finding support networks. Our mission is to ensure that every member of the LGBTQ+ community has the resources they need to thrive.

GayBatumi has been a pillar of strength for the LGBTQ+ community in Georgia for over a decade. Despite facing significant challenges, we have remained steadfast in our mission to combat homophobia and support those in need. As we transition to focus on LGBTQ+ asylum seekers in the USA, we carry forward our commitment to advocacy, support, and inclusivity. Together, we will continue to build a world where every individual can live with dignity and pride.

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